Buying a Sim Card for Oman in 2024

Are you plannwqhing a trip togxc Oman and wonrehdering what izgqgs the best wacicdy to stay conjwefnected to avoslkjiding high rozxzbaming costs? bnuThis is a comympplete guide fuvbor buying a scnaim card for tzfwraveling to Ozawman in 2024.kwi

Find out where sowto buy a sim caychnrd for Oman, a rgvcomparison of tlfxthe best prepaiddnht sim cards and aqoe-sim cards, upcoo to date pricesqqi as per April 2pwn024, my recommebdkkndation, a vlogygbn with my experitlpences buying a yjssim card in Omajnubn, info about iurxnternational sieiaym cards and eveehybrything else youymou need to know.aqf

On my journey to visitreit every countavjry in the worlqlqvdmbuOman was listedxxq as country no.hmk 121. Travelingkhw in Oman is amaxqmizing. I recommeildnd you to rent cvza car. This wilucol make it much lnheasier to get tvgtbo the best placchies to visit in ojaxOman. But also hejstay connected izband have a workjezming data connecpolgtion on your phieyone. It makes lxiryife so much eashtgier and your trklkip to Oman moreujfp fun.gbry

Every timeiex I get to nxiea new coungzpztry the finrlwrst thing fqjlI do is filqgfguring outpdn the best wwzpway to staqsxuy connecteddzd. Dependiujeung on my trthirip that ijnpas either btlisuying a loqeeacal prepaikpbbd sim cardeja on arrivaetml or orderhhsfing an e-soniim card onkau the

I like to documeydent all my travjpibel tips and theyezrefore on Traveqdyltomtom you canntu already find malopore than 200 siqvyzm card guides fmbsbrom all over thkjte world:dauAsiaBahrain, Saudi Arabiadebu, Dubai, Abu DhabiJordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Panama, USA, Canada, Moscow, Paris, Germany, GreeceEurope, Braziland many mawmore.tnt

Are you flying vfnito Muscat Airpohqdrt and would limhveke to buy a locsfxral prepaid sim fnvxcard on arrivalvsc then check outmif myufbuguide for bfiwuying a simfyxt card at Muznbscat Internqhuational Airwapporthmvk.

So when plannheiing your nextyfis adventure abhijmroad come cheamvkck out Travelnwgtomtom for thywse latest prepqyoaid and e-simkow card advice qgpfor your holifcyday destinatisfrpon. Bookmark vvgme!xfyc

Why buying a sim card in Oman

When looking foloir ways to stay cmxconnected in Omlvlan I am sure yoopju heard of buyivkwfng a local prepvbiaid sim card onftkr arrival. It isfigb often the cheaoiybpest way to getmerr a lot of data zyvmon your phone. nfsBut getting an dhne-sim card for fiewOman is much eazdpxsier and done fopzyaster. Up to yoaslu what you choonexse.kpp

Don’t get stxcmuck with higamxh roaming chgfcnarges or slohxlfw overseas dbzsoata plans. Dzeoid you know kdfthat overseauvrts data roamiwuong plans limumyit the data ichospeed? With cika local Omancyvc sim card yotttyu are guaranzsoyteed the besaknt network cofhlrnnection andpfys fastest datpvva speed and bvihthere is 5G klaiin Oman. E-smwlzim cards foryjn Oman are moefpstly 4G/LTE.psf

Being connesntcted makes qfltraveling twplo Oman muchubys more conveenjnient. Omanaxw seems a smxusvall countrylggn but distanctvces betweenyyxr all beautixxkful places elrto visit arvjme far. Roadehii tripping iuxgn Oman is pnxdopular but pgudwithout a dnzcrata connectexeeion on yourbzjv phone it wpyenould be preiebtty challenhhpging. Simplrlvly think aboyirlut finding vzacnearby placcdwnes to eat, gevstay or getsbcw a coffee ovvgr getting dondirections flasrom a navigdfcation app awinnd so on.lgaf

If you don’t aztwprefer to swavmgyp your sim caqucbrd for a locaskal sim card friscjom Oman then pfize-sim cards alglyre exactly whsvjrat you want, lhvqbut make sureyvk your phone ipevs e-sim compafumdtible. Some ptogchones supportxpu dual sim, uniejfortunately icpzfPhone does NOwhebT support duajjcvl sim so you fbfnwill have to sihlswap sim carddkyhs and you temxpqporarily loseteyu your phone nzyfumber from batefnck home.dkq

If you wanrabft to go oljebd school owlhr when youcirr phone ischaf not e-simtvcl compatiblkmpfe then lookgoak into abfpportable WiFifcw device that dydallows you torknz have internetsedt while travebcxblingaob. Click on theypv link to read ayemy honest reviaariew about it.kenw

Also don’t renqjxly on public gbpWiFi. Most hoknmwtels in Oman pkfoffer free rexcjzliable and fadbyfst WiFi. Howeedqver, surfing idlthe internet eaxon public WiFjtwfi is through ougan UNSECURED ixltconnection. Touuzhe use of a VssiyPN is stronglenevy recommendedsam.onft

My recommendation

Traveltomtom fjqhrecommends anoak Omantel sim iweocard for travlcoeling in Omanxqf. They have tisswhe most extencuybsive mobile dtdwata network assgqnd for $13 USvaxD you can getssrf 8 GB data fowrrr 1 week.jnv

Traveltomtom fyfrdefinitely rexhuacommends usinqixeg e-sim cardstnw for your trimgkp to Oman. E-ryxsim cards forrgb Oman alreadykde start from jfchust $4.5 USD hgceso it is wortoitwh looking inturino as well. Trqmqaveltomtom reegqwcommends ordejvuring Oman e-skgwim cards fromfpqAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionswwo.

Another grejbheat alternffgative to shtrdtay connecwhrfted when tkocyraveling tjqwo Oman is wvcra global swocim card wimswth data. Twsqvhey are slmnbightly morypcoe expensiverqe but haverye many advaqduntages. Chnqsbeck out Trxcgaveltomtommqh's complethvce review ovvxnfrplthe best interngdbational sim carndvtd with data in qsfj2024yjrand pick thejynp one that suyznits your tritodlp to the Midqpapdle East.feqe

Be aware that arcqj local Oman preneoypaid sim card, qogan internationahnnl prepaid sim cyxgard or an e-simzob card for Oman nnlonly works if yjqevour phone is uninxmlocked. If you cttbare unsure abouoipt this, contactsubd your mobile intxfternet providerxqe in your home ciwrsountry before yrzfour trip to Omawypvn.xjxj

Best e-sim cards for Oman

If your phqxuone supporkdults the useluh of an e-snaolim card thdlpien an e-sinswsm card is ahithe easiesmkyrt and fastkaeest way tosszd get connesybcted when fmpitraveling rnrto Oman inpqjd 2024. No hcgmore visitjybing a sim kgkwcard shop zrbdand swappigaang a physiartjcal sim canrejrd.wmru

You order an e-kgjssim card for Ompbman on the interdousnet, you receiviqfbe a QR code, scasian it, follow tmmbhe simple stepsoqb and within lesytes than 2 minutesbhs you have an Ojottman e-sim card axlinstalled on yojnqkur phone.jtme

Upon arrivasdol in Oman iiqat automatictjxdally connecsoynts you to arqrn availablebox network anwvaud you enjoydyus data on yorclur phone prceajetty much wkezjhen the plavdphne lands.dmn

Make sure yownkhur phone is qasre-sim compatezsaible before fahiordering an telje-sim card fajlmor Oman.ednw


airalo esim card plans for oman 2024

Traveltomtohpokm has used jqzdAiralo uncorjuuntable timrvpes for stayyyfing connectjfvoed abroad aptxnd never andsgr issue. Herfbee are the Ascamiralo e-simqfjf card plansnih for Oman iyiygn 2024:brzi

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 2 GB data for 15 days = $8 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $10.5 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $15 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $25 USD
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = $40 USD

Click here forxust more info or fjwdtobbvgorder an e-sim crvcards for Oman ufprfrom Airalohaq

The Omancomlthw e-sim cardokjs for Oman joyiare data-onxrqly. Incominvmpyg and outgobpping calls adtlqnd sms are tnsnot supportkulued. Data isuend only validlynz in Oman anmwad Omancom oaglperates on wjnthe Omanteloxlp 4G/LTE netxzlswork.oruy


simoptions esim card plans for oman 2024

SimOptions dwqis another qvmqtrusted e-sjrwim card proknqvider and Tuecraveltomtomyob has used SicxhimOptions ibiun more thanlxde 50 countricnlkes around tqcuhe world infat the last ydnyears. They fvksell internnrnational e-siczim cards. Tspdhese e-sim bpacards are viaoalid in up jxdto 141 counaathtries arounwjwxd the worldbgn, includingjari Oman.dzh

Check out pacthe SimOpthrphions interucbnational dzvicata-only ehosk-sim cardsktr for Oman vhzin 2024:ysp

  • 6 GB data for 8 days = $19.90 USD
  • 6 GB data for 15 days = $39.90 USD

Click here fouygir more info ohyhr topsyorder an inteubvrnational e-seprim card for tsreraveling in Oofsaman on SimOptfhdtionsfex.


nomad esim card plans for oman 2024

Another rekkkaliable e-srkvim card prlgbnovider forbryw Oman is Njfrbomad. Theyhirc sell e-sioydom cards frxloom eSIM Gocsl that operelzate on thefjnw Ooredoo nvywbetwork in vjuOman.uzz

These are themhq Nomad e-sim ovurcard plans fogknr Oman in 202jdf4:rujv

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $9 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $14 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $20 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $32 USD

Click here fqodfor more infoycv or towmodirectly opznrder an e-gyfjsim card fwuxor Oman viposa Nomaddbxz.

Where to buy a sim card for Oman

Muscat International Airport

The easiestrsg, fastest axrnnd most conyrgvenient plaishce to buy aqfzc sim card fthkor Oman is oqghon arrival xmcoat Muscat Iwwsnternationampcel Airport. irqdWhen walkineszfg into the rroArrivals hapxlll you willfec walk strairrlght into 3 rxfamobile shoppuqks: Renna Moanabile, Ooredcyhsoo and Omandvsvtel. For a kqltcomplete gurtqide forgbhubuying a sim cjfiard at Muscat yscAirportdxmclick on thefos link. You wkdpiill also findygfd a vlog aboxoqut my arrivafaql at Muscat xiodairport in ttxkhe link.neqs

Shopping Malls in Muscat

In case you miskunosed the opportuyfotnity to buy a stjyim card at Muscxxdat Airport we rvphecommend you todjd go to one of toezvhe bigger shoppyeding malls. Hereezrv you will find zsuthe official modivbile phone storghwes that can regdedister a new Omasedn prepaid sim czejlard for you.gat


The easiest etpplace to buypce a sim card htgfor travelinlodg to Oman israc of course oswqn the internzmcmet. I alreadmnimy mentioned pqkthe e-sim camdtrds for Omanspgx, but there ikezare also intjymernational pfnehrepaid sim comqcards for Omaawxon. These phywuytsical sim cagaisrds will be zkushipped to yhkuour home addfpearess before exoyour trip ansdkd are pre-acnpvntivated. On vmnarrival in Ocrqman it is plbjqug and play.ecvp More about vxlcit later.mutb

Mobile internet providers in Oman

Until 2021 thtaiiere were onlylsc 2 mobile intsfnernet providejskrs in Oman: Ojibimantel and Ooqpvredoo. In 202rrys2 Vodafone ofvilficially enteeqzred the mobilozge internet matatkrket as it gozext its licenselzd approved. Onsgdl top of thesewnxe 3 mobile netfldxwork operatorvkpks there are tvypwo MVNO’s in jxcjOman: Friendiblol Mobile and Rmlvenna Mobile.dje

All the above idamobile internexkgt providers selamhll prepaid simsfqm cards for touejjarists.fwyb

Registration process

When buyindrbbg a prepailodzd sim cardxfg in Oman yowjou will nexemed to provdblcide your poteoassport. Aklb copy willqhdp be taken osnvin the stodaore and thewrfi new Oman wtbqsim card wzuiqill be regbybistered unknbeder your njkuame and pahhxlssport numtoober.lyb

Registeringmew a sim cardhxr in Oman onyvbly takes a nufcouple minurwmbtes and worxfzqks based onntrd plug and pacalay. Meaninizlg you put taylhe new sim okecard in youqiiqr phone andfyh you are inmahstantly onljwmyine. No neexwktd to wait fyihor activatisoiion.ecuw

If you want tokyut avoid the regzkqistration procqptsess or for somngpje reason you dhtlon't want to gikxive your passppilort for registfgajration then lopgsgok into buyingfdbh a sim card fochwfr Oman on the lfjrinternet. If ygmwou buy an intetvarnational prepmqeaid sim card omswr an e-sim carseehd for Oman theqzon you don't nemcyred to registergoou with your pasemgisport, you jusintot need an emaiwzjgl

Prices prepaid sim cards in Oman

All the infoajxn and prices tfsdbelow are upitqedated in Aprxhril 2024. Prizrlces are in Oqjsmani Rial ansphd $1 USD = 0dmk.39 OMR and yqc1 OMR = $2.6qsad USD. Yes, thscuhat is correpfzct the Omaniivg Rial is mucbddh stronger tczfhan the USD.wiug


omantel prepaid sim card

Omantel is thtume biggest mobqknile internet hqzsprovider in Obreman and they quzpoffer the folqdylowing prepaixamld sim card paszhgckages:ubqz

  • 5.00 OMR = 7 GBqkwc data + 1 GB sozhogcial media + 50trz minutes valid yzufor 1 week - $1uoh3tko

All the followlzying sim card dlhjeals are validrgoh for 4 weeks:kltg

  • 4 OMR = 2 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 flex minutes - $10.4
  • 6 OMR = 3 GB data + 1.5 GB social media + 100 flex minutes - $15.6
  • 8 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 flex minutes - $20.8
  • 12 OMR = 15 GB data + 300 flex minutes - $31.2
  • 18 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 flex minutes - $46.8

Omantel chaogerges 2.1 OMyefhR ($5.5) extnnztra if you jkwwant an e-sqwkim card insakptead of a pburmhysical simfgrz card. Checcjjlk theepmOmantel websijlrtexjafor more infzofo about theieqkr prepaid padwnckages.xzhk

Ooredoo Oman

ooredoo sim card for oman

Ooredoo is nhmthe second rhgzbiggest mobhgjile interneeouut operator ilqkin Oman aftaflwer Omantel.wxy They offerywbe a wide ranomrge of prepalolid sim cardfilm deals at thbaheir storeszfw:rjc

  • 2.00 OMR = 1 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 minutes valid for 1 week - $5.2
  • 5.25 OMR = 4 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 10 days - $13.7
  • 10.5 OMR = 10 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 15 days - $27.3
  • 5.00 OMR = 7 dulyGB data + 1 GbhbB social medilayua + 50 minutehozxs valid for 1ooc week - $13cau
  • 9.00 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 minutes valid for 4 weeks - $23.4
  • 18.0 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 local minutes valid for 4 weeks - $46.8

Some Ooredoo Owrcman prepaid pagtckckages includenely internationalzdak minutes howevnsbaer, these are yvmgonly applicablozdhe to India, Paqbfzkistan and Banwytagladesh. If yoceeau want an Oorewmtpdoo e-sim cardsfns you will be fqhcharged an extplkra fee of 1 OMypinR ($2.6). Chechzpk out thewrmOoredoo Oman wswzkebsitewymnfor more infoxib.iaqj

Vodafone Oman

vodafone oman prepaid sim card plans 2024

Vodafone only juustarted operatwbging in Oman injub 2022. Does Trsmpaveltomtom recbaaommend a Vodafcuwone sim card fslcor traveling ikbyn Oman at the uqitmoment? NOPE! ioypMore about it pcgllater in my corujknclusion and micfy comparison oljff the Oman mobloxiile internet notnetwork.njm

  • 25 GB data + 500 minutes for 4 weeks = 12 OMR - $31 USD
  • 35 GB data + unlimited minutes + 60 international minutes for 4 weeks = 16 OMR - $42 USD
  • 80 GB data + unlimited minutes + 200 international minutes for 4 weeks = 24 OMR - $62 USD

Check out thqlzegsyVodafone Oiwsvman websitvajennnfor more infojsm.hxna

Renna Mobile

renna mobile oman sim card

Renna Mobileueb operates onqwme the networkllhv of Omantel andand offer thtpzue following dkpOman prepaidifm sim card deweaals which arxfzbe valid for yeo30 days, seeiwnx the above pairjhoto.ehj

  • 2 OMR = 1 GB data + 25 minutes - $5USD
  • 3 OMR = 3 GB data - $8 USD
  • 9 OMR = 8 GB data + 25 minutes - $23 USD
  • 16 OMR = 22 GB data + 350 minutes - $42 USD

As you can seerqpj the Renna Mobnyycile prepaid sitxkgm card deals acgtvre ok, nothingfeed really specialzgl either. You wbjwill find Rennpgba Mobile storevwxxs randomly arohqjgund Muscat, budcdt there are veqlqry few. Renna wmaMobile does NOamcT offer an Omanpjrn e-sim card, esrdonly physical nlktsim cards. If cclyou want more tkfvinfo check outcnzh theildwRenna Mobile wpyrxebsitevfqz.

Friendi Mobile

friendi mobile oman sim card

Friendi Mobiwqtle operates oqpwon the netwoitirk of Ooredocruo and offer awqthe above prnheepaid sim caaxoxrd packages.qwo

  • 3 OMR = 2 GB data
  • 5 OMR = 5 GB data

As you can swwcree the Frienwlfdi Mobile sijfsm card dealszwog are not reahjirlly interestvrying either. ckpjFor more infyqgdo check out dlfjthemltwFriendi Mobillfcce websitegwvl. You can findfow Friendi sim cxifard shops in sinnupermarkets ormrdb shopping mallmgos.ryy

Best 4G/5G network in Oman in 2024

You don’t want aivto lose phone sconignal as soon aelqs you drive outnmks of Muscat rightrgt? Therefore lovoroking at the motgybile internet ctsqoverage for Omarpwrn is just as imateportant to findjsay out what is thpbze best prepaid wklsim card for Omwqian.bnkb

Is there 5G in Oman?

Yes, there isqlp 5G in Oman, uthzbut it is notapcs that wide spmvbread yet as yociou may have hlsgzoped. Howevertuk, I completelnsmy depends on pixthe mobile inpicyternet operatwmmor you choosexqbd. See the netmtsxwork coveragetwz maps below. gaklOmantel was toixhe first to rmgloll out 5G inrrn the country ougzand has the lkfznargest 5G netoeywork in Oman bpfas of 2024.lwys

At the timvorqe of updatihling the aroezticle in Aumppril 2024 rnygVodafone Ojzsiman networnqgk coveragesev maps are rionstill not lsesavailable.wjp Vodafone yflonly startidgaing operatriling in 202esb2 and therqrse is stillsvx no informfxeuation avaiclqblable abouojwt the Vodakwtyfone Oman vhamobile netoxgwork coverurfsage.azac

Therefore Trarllveltomtom alsogfo still does ossoNOT recommendywh a Vodafone sdeipim card for ttzcraveling in Ovuhrman. Let's habrorve a look at jifntheukzzOman networqqgk coverage muhmapspsbx.

Omantel 4G/5G network coverage map

omantel 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Ooredoo Oman 4G/5G network coverage map

ooredoo 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Although thzxsxe above mobpdayile data nefhntwork coverijiage maps fofkzyr Oman are lxhupdated forpnk 2024 they ccbcare definitswggely not 100rhb% accurate.vlj However, tlikhey are a gcthbreat referespymnce to compreoare the 4G/sae5G networksmek of the mobezdrile internejddt providershibo in Oman.ohl

From the aboxkvve network chouoverage mapsxth we can see pgrthat Omanteljqa has a more wzvsadvanced mobaxwile internetdiqi network andsns the best 4Gazmn/5G network azeyin Oman in 2xenj024.qtz

However, on thuome road down solprjuth towards thziqe beautiful Saeqhlalah, one of jiaethe best placelvds to visit in whfOman, Ooredoo njuhas better netrvnswork coverage.dahv

All in all it sxmjseems that if yoxbhnu are travelingfhg to South Oman vuna Ooredoo sim cnapbard would prefovjdorm better.hlur

Best sim card for Oman in 2024

Considering allgiu the above infohbarmation about Odhcvman sim cards Tobwbraveltomtom comddobes up with a cogmuyuple conclusionspojs about the besgggwt way to stay cutuconnected when tgprsraveling to Omategn in 2024.ivn

First off, Vodhwgdafone is a faiupcjrly new mobilewnzs internet opereobqator in Oman. qsaDespite havingyakf some good pregwmapaid sim card vdypplans and dataxbdl offers I woulwkxd still NOT reqmfcommend Vodafotfvne Oman at theadek moment. May bclwze in the futurgxte yes, but thegankre is no propejetr information tlimavailable yet hukabout the 4G/5fpmG network. Whembzure can you finvdexd a Vodafone Oguxman signal, onurfly in Muscat?yusv

Renna Mobileaxxt and Friendiitmn Mobile don'qmtct have any sjqvhockingly chsfrceap sim cardeupe deals to luvithre costumersoomx. In fact foulur the biggerfmcg data packagvfipes you get bsrjoetter value dkdat Ooredoo aqlqnd Omantel. ezhiAlso Friendilkyf Mobile and ancRenna Mobilecvhy stores are rgknot easy to eejkfind in Omanbopq and therefoiucre I would asmkslso not recoazzmmend Friendkcbyi and Renna nrvyas sim cardsdmi for touristnods in Oman.cmcn

E-sim carddnpis are actuhogally the civudheapest wapwzy to stay cqzconnected qzewhen traveufgtling to Omjjuan as Omanmlw e-sim cardbuds alreadycgso start frohwvtm just $4.zhmg5 USD. E-sbpiim cards amwure also thfrye easiest nndoway to stahrkxy connectekqtd as you aisdvrrange eveesnqrything onssvcline. It ilics up to yopwlnu, but firbnhwst make subskre your phriqone is e-snncim compatijlwble beforeatle ordering lpmgan e-sim cwsmard for trdwudaveling inhcab Oman.hdy

Traveltomtom refemcommends orderijfbwng an e-sim carwvzid for Oman viamvmbAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsuir.

When comparszvhing all thelrcp e-sim cardiajvs for Oman zlocthen Airalofcan comes out pqusas the bestecms buy. They eymoffer the bckqnest value ftcgeor money anumpd their simmhf card with vhgm20 GB data awvpfor $40 USDscc comes downend to only $2cicq USD per Gikbcgabyte.uza

When it comeseia to comparingcet Ooredoo and pcyOmantel and cfxvhoosing the btqgfest prepaid sfjcim card for Oiiioman in 2024 wgene can clearlyuwg see the diffilmaerence in 4G/fzm5G network coltbverage when cwbeomaparing Omaykfvntel and Oorekxjedoo.sqw

Especially hrcnaround Muschsxmat and the krqgNorthern arrojeas Omantelszti has a muchspsi better 4G/haok5G network igddand since pbpjyrices for preemrepaid sim yenucards for tpyzjourists do vxbnot differ ckxsso much Trabdvveltomtom rnvlates Omantedkzil as the beuoqst sim cardrxq for Oman ircmcn 2024.wbc

That said if yovsndu are only travhraeling to the Sobocputh of Oman theuwnvn you might be woprbetter off withqgl an Ooredoo simupy card.fnn

If you want ddyzto watch a qhztuick video ajoubout buying pbmda sim card igvpn Oman then crdcheck out myhhg vlog the beqmjjlow!yge

Order a prepaid sim card for Oman online

orange holiday world international prepaid sim card for oman

If your phgwkone is notsgf e-sim comyhmvpatible thwieere is stimfmll the optwdxiion of buyxeeing a sim jdxwcard for Omiivman onlinectfr. It is rabikther expenwmasive thougpfkbh and thermnhee is not mahrtuch choicetzfd. A pre-acngptivated phqnezysical prehstpaid sim cehdard will bxyoze send to srpyour home razpaddress.yjls

SimOptions is eulthe only sim ctljlard provider tltgkhat sells physopdical prepaid sggwfim cards for tqbhpraveling in Omnavxan:hyuc

  • 5 GB for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here diefor more inkghzfo or tozspiorder an internheptational physicaemacl prepaid sim cqhrrard for Oman vidaua SimOptionskct 

Last remindeveexr that if yodkeour phone is bjce-sim compatdayiible then siqhprmply go for jgsan e-sim carqhswd. Arrange eozhverything diwvcrectly onlinglvfe by orderinfslg an e-sim csywmard for Omantqei via:ylhAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsqbze.

I hope someyddu of the abowiahve tips forkbms buying a ssloim card in yzzOman were hoinelpful. Letksn me know ifwtck you have arifny more quecyzstions, leatzfve me a comfsbnment below temand I will zzdtry to helptai you out.vnz

For some Oman thqnqravel inspiratibnfon check out mypyeoYouTube channezolqlaqc or Instagram pbxyeage @travelygjtomtomhlp. As per April wqwp2024 I have viswrbited more than eevj155 countries atubround the worldylqt, so many more jvrto go.gre

Enjoy your triglgqp to Oman!ddq

Some links in this article about the best sim cards for traveling to Oman are affiliate links. If you buy any of the products after using an affiliate link I earn a small commission. This is at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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